Name: Milo Ruescher

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Birthday: August 31

Height: 6’2”

Personality: Quiet and dry, but not by any means rude.

Backstory: Nobody really knows where Milo came from, but once you meet him, you understand how he could get to where he is today: he’s successful, renowned for his talent and a good person all around. What you don’t know is what he was before all that. How each day of his life before his current one, he scraped by with nothing, and how his struggles were for good reason. He was a cheat, and a murderer at that point in his life. He stole and lied and killed because he thought he had to in order to survive. What he didn’t understand was how every bad thing that he did brought him further and further down into a pit that he never would be able to escape from. And as he lay dying, he became enlightened to something that not many are privileged to. He wasn’t going to die. He would be reborn, at the bottom of everything, and he would be forced to continue up from there. He would be aware of each life cycle he passed through, retaining all the memories from the last, as well as the previous lives before. It would be up to him to do enough good to stay near the “top”. But it wasn’t himself he was supposed to “do good” for. It was everyone else. And so, once he had regained enough good karma to become human again, Milo opened the Samsara Circus, with the intent of bringing happiness to everyone who visited, as well as providing his performers with a good life as long as they worked for him. There are days when Milo’s bad outweighs the good, and he’ll fall ill temporarily, until he can right himself again. He’s acutely aware of his karma at all times, and how the scale tips with everything he does. While he never dwells on his enlightenment, because he can’t trust himself to be anything but ungrateful for it at this point, he knows now that it is less of a blessing, as he had initially thought, and more of a curse.

Powers: Heightened knowledge

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